A stylish sanctuary, hidden under the heart of Manchester.

Opened in 2011, Australasia is one of the city’s favourite restaurants. A place of relaxed elegance and laid-back luxe, where a good time is guaranteed. Bathed in the natural tones of the Pacific coastline, which sets a tranquil scene that’s adaptable to any occasion.

A Taste of Australia in Manchester

Capturing the true essence of modern Australia, the generous Australian spirit is reflected in the menu with influences drawn from the Pacific Rim.

Cocktails Down Under in Manchester

The bar at Australasia boasts a unique list of classic and exclusive cocktails, curated to perfection and infused with our signature style. Whether you’re seeking a relaxed evening out or celebrating a special occasion, our elegant and timeless ambiance sets the stage for memorable moments to unfold. 

Christmas Enchantment Experience

A Christmas celebration that will stimulate every one of your senses. Enchantment will transform our subterranean haven, ghost trees will come alive and seeing will be believing as the magical and mystical collide.